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Damp Proofing in Wellington, Shropshire

Haughmond Abbey Ruins

What is damp?

Damp comes in three forms: rising dampness, penetrating dampness, and condensation. Damp in Wellington is also associated with many other defects like dry rot, wet rot, black mould, woodworm, basement conversion, waterproofing and tanking.
Damp comes from ground water, rain water and moisture within the atmosphere and affects the majority of properties to some degree or another within the Wellington area.
Damp is a building defect that becomes visible when damp proof courses are non-existent or break down, rainwater goods, brickwork and flashing are in need of repair or relative humidity is high within a Wellington building.

How to solve damp in Wellington?

Damp and its associated problems i.e dry rot, wet rot, black mould, woodworm, basement conversion, waterproofing and tanking are treated with a variety of methods e.g damp proofing in Wellington properties. There are many products and techniques available to treat damp and its associated problems, too many in fact to explain all here but briefly:

Rising dampness in Wellington can be solved by chemical injection and re-plastering to the correct British Standard 6576. Penetrating dampness in Wellington can be solved by re-pointing brickwork, repairing faulty guttering and coating external walls in industrial silicone. Many Wellington condensation problems can be solved by increasing ventilation with one of our remote control Dynacon units along with other treatments.

What to do next?

To solve your damp proofing, dry rot, wet rot, woodworm, condensation, black mould, basement conversion, waterproofing or tanking problem in Wellington then please do not hesitate to freephone 0800 019 9553 or click here to request a free survey Wellington.
Dynamic Property Care will always try their best to offer an outstanding service from free damp and timber surveys through to work completion on all Wellington properties, residential and commercial.



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