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Dynacon Whole House Ventilation

Dynacon Unit

NEWS FLASH- "Dynacon, the latest, most powerful condensation, toxic black mould and hayfever eradication unit hits the market"- Dynamic Mail 2012 The unit was released just weeks ago onto the market by Dynamic and has paved the way for future positive input ventilation unit's. The Unit has 99 setting's so that you can alter the speed of the unit to suit your requirement's at that particular time i.e more guest's over, creates more moisture so turn the unit up a few notches, or its hayfever season so turn it up a few more. All this requires of you is to press a button on the remote control that comes with every unit. MOST IMPORTANT: The Dynacon expells excess moisture creating a clean air home environment in which condensation, TOXIC black mould and hayfever pollen CANNOT exist!!! Adequate ventilation in a property is essential for the well being of the occupants and the fabric of the building. This is reflected in current building regulations which require "adequate means of ventilation provided for people in the building.
A paper in the British Medical Journal, Vol. 298, June 1989, stressed the higher incidence of ill health in damp buildings with accompanying mould growth and it is now accepted that air pollution is a major reason for the huge increase in asthma sufferers of whom children are often the most vulnerable. Dehumidifiers are frequently used for the control of condensation. Although they can provide relief from excessive condensation they should only be considered as a temporary measure. Dehumidifiers are costly to run and require frequent emptying. Dehumidifiers and anti condensation paints just treat the effects and do not remove the cause. Adequate ventilation can be maintained in a property through the use of various types of ventilation systems, the most advantageous by far being the POSITIVE INPUT VENTILATION system. How the Dynacon works? A positive input ventilation unit gently supplies tempered, filtered air into a home using otherwise unused heat within a roof. The benefits of the Dynacon are immense:

  • Provides all year round ventilation.
  • Pollutants are eradicated and not allowed to enter, great for hayfever, dust mite or other allergies.
  • The unit uses unused loft and home heat providing a net energy gain in the home reducing your energy bills. This is a scientific principle called 'The Coanda' effect.
  • Smoke, pet, mildew smells are eradicated from your property.
  • There is no better way to ventilate a home from inside out via a single centrally located, supply diffuser.
  • Air in your property is completely replaced with better quality air around 20 TIMES A DAY. This is the recommended rate to maintain good air quality.
  • Complys with Building regulations and we are trained ventilation product installors. A qualified electrician will install every Dynacon unit.
  • Minimal maintenance- clean the filter once a year at Christmas when getting the decorations down.
  • Includes 5 year Company (parts) Guarantee and 5 Year Dynamic ( labour) Guarantee.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Exceptionally low running costs circa- £10 a year.
  • Fitted with an isolation switch for your convenience to easily turn the unit ON/OFF if required.
  • Full back up support/replacement filters/remote controls etc...
  • Suitable for properties ranging from small one bedroom properties to country manors.
  • Several versions are available to even accomadate apartments and flats.
  • User friendly, there are no water containers to empty.
  • Unobtrusive, only small ceiling vent shows in your home.

The old air exits through the thousands of air leakage points found in all homes. Indeed,the Dynacon positive input ventilation will even help to suppress unwanted air infiltration i.e NO DRAUGHTS! What will you see after the Dynacon is installed and operating? 1) The following few days(mornings) after you will notice less moisture on the windows and sills. Eventually none! 2) Over the next few weeks you will notice the TOXIC black mould turn to a greyish powder (dead)- ready to be brushed off. 3) An overrall improvement in the indoor air quality improving your health and your homes.


IS VERY EFFECTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • How the Dynacon Works
  • How the Dynacon Works
  • Dynacon needs good roof ventilation. Soffit Vents maybe required.
  • Residential Ventilation Association
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