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How We Work

How We Work

Dynamic Property Care UK offers free surveys throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Definition:- A quote is viewing one or more problem areas of a property that the client is already aware about. We will then supply a schedule of works for the areas needing treating along with quotation(s).

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland And Wales - FREE

Comprehensive Damp and Timber Report

Definition:- A report is an industry guideline property survey then professionally written report (see below report pictures). The Surveyor will inspect the entire house internally from roof void down to lowest floor level and then on foot externally. We will note down all damp and timber defects found. We will then post or email a written report to you. The report will consist of recommendations that you can carry out yourselves to save money £££, a schedule of works for any specialist work required (if any) and a fully itemised quote(s).  We will always choose the most cost effective route for our Clients. A comprehensive floorplan is included if necessary (see below)

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales - £77 all inclusive



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