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Beginners Guide To Damp Proofing!

Damp Proofing

You may not know if you have damp or not. This beginners’ guide should help you figure it out and learn the basics: Damp proofing should be conducted when a house is built. But, unfortunately, this is not always considered leaving some buildings unprotected. This is a risk because when damp starts to creep in, it may not go away too easily! The longer you leave it, the worse it will likely get. 

You should never settle for a builder that does not have proper qualifications to build your home. They will probably not bother with damp proofing. If you are getting your house built from scratch, you must think of damp proofing like this: ·

First you start with the floor. A Damp Proof Course is a plastic sheet which prevents damp, and this is placed under the floor slab which means that it will not allow water to pass from one point to another with this in place. Your builder must lay this sheet properly else you will find that the bottom of your walls will become moist which is a big problem. ·

Secondly it is the external walls. You must damp proof these at the base to the floor slab to stop water creeping up them. ·

Thirdly you must remember the window sills. People tend to forget these! This is where moisture can easily get in and mould can form. · You should also remember that if you have wooden floors, moisture can quickly rot the lovely wood floors. You want to avoid this as far as possible so make sure you damp proof them! · Roof tiles should also not be forgotten. You should repair and also replace broken tiles as soon as they happen.

The key point to remember is that if you ignore an issue, it will get more severe which means you pay more money and waste more time! resulting damage will be! You must find a reputable firm to work with. If you live in Knutsford and have a dry rot problem, for example, find a reputable damp proofing course which is completed by a reputable firm of damp proofing specialists. You can find one by typing “damp proofing Knutsford” or "dry rot Knutsford" into a google search. If you are building your house from scratch, also spend a lot of time looking into reputable local South Cheshire building companies.

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13 August 2020
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