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Gel or cream!!!

Damp Proofing

In recent years a new generation of damp proofing products has emerged. Water soluble thrixotropic gels can be injected into any damp substrate using a simple cartridge gun or compression pump. This gel then reacts to form a silicone repellent which is completely water resistant.

Silicone emulsion creams are injected into any form of masonry at low pressure through holes pre-drilled. This formulation then creates polysiloxanes once the liquid cream has migrated into all of the pores of the substrate.

Where very thick walls require damp proofing or those which perhaps have an element of rubble filling or partial voids, it is possible to inject a waterproof mortar. This mortar comprises cement, waterproofing chemical and a quartz aggregate. This method is ideal for old and historic buildings where the wall structure is often not fully consistent.

Finally, an electric charge system known as electro osmosis can be used. In this system platinum coated, titanium wire anodes are drilled into the wall of the building. These are linked to each other by titanium wire and form a complete circuit around the building. The circuit is then connected to a low voltage power supply. By adding an earth rod to the circuit a short distance away (a cathode), a potential difference is created effectively stopping the water rising and effectively pulling any moisture back towards the ground. The system can be installed internally or externally and thus is ideal for listed buildings. Externally, the titanium wire can be placed within a bed joint of the masonry and over pointed. Electro osmotic damp proof courses have been tried and tested over many years with very successful results.

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18 January 2020
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