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Toxic Black Mould!!!

Extreme Toxic Black Mould

Damp is an issue which many different properties can suffer from, especially older properties that do not have effectively damp proofing courses and ventilation in place. Damp forms when moisture in the air cannot escape from the room, and ends up settling on the walls and in furniture as well as on the windows. Built up over time, this can cause a problem with mould. Mould will form when a damp and humid place encourages the growth of the fungi, which appears as green and black spots that can collect in clusters.

This can be a serious health concern for anybody who is in constant close contact with this kind of mould and damp. People who have respiratory problems, especially those with asthma, may find that their symptoms worsen when they are around this kind of environment. It can also cause problems with the skin, encouraging a worsening of any existing conditions that you might have.

One particular case which sees the effects of damp and mildew is that of Brittany Murphy. The Hollywood actress and her husband died a couple of years ago, and it is thought that in both cases the cause of death may have originated from mould in the property that they were staying at. Mould damaged their immune systems and their respiratory systems, which meant that pneumonia and anaemia began to form.

Mould is such a common health problem, and is particularly an issue in the UK because of damp and cold weather spells that we experience. The problem is that mould will collect in areas like the carpet, which will then be released into the atmosphere and you then inhale it.

Awareness of mould and health issues is very slim, and people need to be made aware of the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of different types of mould that can cause health problems even for those people that are relatively healthy, fit and active. The most common problems from mould include sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis. “Mould is an opportunistic fungus, and grows aggressively in the body, stopping the organs working properly - so it can be lethal.” commented Professor Richardson.

If any house has experienced flooding over the past year, which many properties across the UK have, this can also lead to an onset of mould which will grow rapidly throughout the property in the months following the flooding. You may find mould on the wallpaper, behind wall tiles and window frames. A radiator is also a hotspot for mould. You should regularly check your property to ensure that it is not suffering from symptoms of mould, or contact the professionals to conduct a damp proofing course on your property.

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19 January 2020
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