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Drying Techniques

Flood Drying Techniques UK

Failure to remove evaporating moisture can retard the drying process and in the worst instances, create conditions in which secondary damage can occur, e.g. mould and microbial growth (above 65% relative humidity).

A number of techniques are currently used:

  • Open drying system: Ventilation is increased within a building, which can be done by simply opening windows. For this to be effective, the outside air should be warmer and drier than the inside air.
  • Closed drying system: All windows and doors are shut and dehumidification equipment is installed to remove and control the evaporated moisture.
  • Air exchange and heat drying systems: Heating equipment is used to increase the temperature of the indoor air, which absorbs the evaporated water from the wet structural materials. The air is then either pumped out of the building or passed through machinery to remove the extra water.


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13 November 2019
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