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Resiblock Sealants

Most Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC) paving, and more and more block or brick pavements are treated with a transparent sealant that is intended to protect the paving from stains, inhibit weed growth, and, in the case of block paving, stabilise the jointing sand. There are also sealants specifically for use on wet-cast patio paving flags, on semi-dry pressed BS Flags, on natural stone, and almost any other form of paving.

There is a selection of sealants available, and their efficacy often seems proportional to their price. However, it is essential that the correct type of sealant is used for each type of paving: a sealant recommended for PIC is not necessarily the correct sealant to use on clay pavers or yorkstone flags. Some sealants purport to be suitable for all surfaces, but, in our experience, it is better to choose a sealant that has been specifically developed for one paving type, rather than a "jack-of-all-trades".

There are 4 main types of sealants........

  • Water-based Emulsions
  • Solvent-based Acrylics
  • Moisture Cured Urethanes (aka SPPU's - Specialist Pre-Polymer Urethanes)
  • Hydrated Polymer Glues

The most commonly specified sealants in Britain and Ireland are the acrylics and urethanes.

One of the world's leading sealant manufacturers, Resiblock Ltd, have developed sealants specifically designed to be used in different situations and on various paving materials. The legendary Resiblock 22 is a proven product on small element and block pavements, with over 2 million square metres of paving treated to date.

We have also have a wide variety of weedkillers that can be sprayed onto surfaces that are not being treated with a Resiblock sealant.


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13 November 2019
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